Thursday, June 26, 2008

He chose 12...

Being forced to raise support head-on this week is probably the hardest hit my pride has ever taken...

Encouragement though has come from unexpected places and at unexpected times. He is indeed Jehovah provider, He restores me soul.

As I have reflected on Christ's model of discipleship I have realized many things, but one that has stuck with me is who His disciples were. They were not the highly educated, not the cream of the crop, and probably not the most refined of society. They were rough fishermen. Christ looked past ALL that, and saw obedient hearts. He sees my heart. He sees my desire to serve Him, and as I continue to feel completely inadequate to serve Him, He reminds me. "Obey me. I am all you need. I will provide. Trust me."

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Things that I have been telling myself this week...
"Isaac, He will get you to Burundi when He wants you there"
"The kitchen doesn't have to be clean, just kinda clean"
"Yes you're leaving, but you can still continue to build relationships"
"It's only money"
"Thank goodness for YouTube"
"22, what a WIERD age"

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


MTI is almost over, weird.  Who would of thought that 3 weeks of intense missions training would go SO fast!  I have been ripped open, poked, twisted, and sewn up again.  I feel that in 3 weeks I have gone from college graduate to somewhat of an adult.  So you know what, BRING IT!
Real life, I'm comin' for you, and I'm ready.

Next up, Kansas City for the Weller-Dejong wedding.  I have made no plans of where I am going to stay or anything at all yet...

Still in process, RAISING SUPPORT!  Lord, help me be patient and loving as I seek partners in ministry.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Forced Reflection

"I'm fun Isaac!"

He is right.  I have spent the last month limiting God to being a God that only wants to test me and stretch me.  Yes, he wants me to grow in Him, and that often requires that I be tested and stretched, but He is SO much more!

I took a forced walk today as part of our Rest and Relaxation module at MTI.  I hate being alone.  

Often times when I think of alone time, I forget that I am never alone.  He is right there with me, longing for me to just listen, so that He can reveal beautiful things to me.  I can so easily listen to my own voice as I tell God about all my requests and complaints, but when He gets ready to respond to me, I have often turned away and gone about doing my own thing as if an answer is not forthcoming.  Of course He is going to answer me. I'm His son! He loves me!

Today was not a day of deep convictions, but of a simple message from my Father that He loves me.  In these times while I feel stressed He has reminded me that He is fun!  There is so much joy to be had in Him.