Thursday, August 21, 2008

When Nehemiah and the the Lord's people returned to the land of Judea they brought out the Book of the Law.  It was read to them and they wept.  They had fallen away from His word.

Today I am little grieved. I finally forced myself to get up early this morning and read His Word.  It has been too long.  I am grieved, feeling guilty for not spending time with Him.  But just like in the book of Nehemiah, the priests told the people, "This is the Lord's day, do not grieve"

I will rejoice in His words.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Burundi Bound September 9th!

It seems that every post I write is rack with some heavy overtone.  It would seem from this blog that my life is always on the brink of chaos or spiritual depression.  Well, I need to disclaimer that and say that it's just not true.  But in those many times of joy and completion, I don't feel the need to write about it. I simply enjoy them. 

Its when I am feeling down, confused, or spiritually down that I feel the need to write my thoughts.  I guess its kind of like when I am happy, I am quick to forget the Giver of all blessings and true joy.  Yet when I am oppressed I am so quick to run to Him.

So since I am writing, I am sure you can guess that I am feelin' a little down.  Yes fri
ends, this spiritual battle that is going on in my soul right now is raging more than ever.  Yet, I am still trying to remember that He is in control and that with Him on my side I have won.  

I am 66% supported. Praise the Lord! My vacation with family down at the Outer Banks, NC was such a blessings.  I am now back in Blacksburg, trying to raise the last bit of my support. I fly to Bujumbura on September 9th!  

I haven't even landed in Burundi and I am already plagued with insecurity in myself and my calling to serve Him.  Its tiring. I am so tired of it. 

He rose on the 3rd day and conquered sin.  His love for me is unconditional. I rest my ever wiry head in this.